Songs, songs and more songs #74: Franc Moody, Magdalena Bay, Dora Jar, Zella Day, Michael Kiwanuka +new ABBA lyric video “Fernando”

We race here! We race there! We tell ourselves we are giving life its introspective due but are we really when we rarely stop to even breathe? Truth is, we often don’t out the brakes on long enough to ruminate about life, but thankfully a number of very talented and Continue Reading

Save who you can: The haunting apolcayptic horror of The Last of Us (trailer)

To be honest, after the disqueting, semi-apocalyptic weirdness of the COVID pandemic, my appetite for journeys into the darker side of humanity’s soul, and the cataclysmically devastating way it affects the world around us, has diminished significantly. Strangely during the lockdown height of the pandemic, when it psycholigically felt like Continue Reading

“What’s in this stuff?!” The hilarious thoughtful chaos of new comic strip TEX

SNAPSHOTTEX follows namesake character Tex Clapsaddle, an ambitious and imaginative eight-year-old learning to navigate the world outside his comfortable childhood. His parents, Barbara and Wayne, and siblings, Austin and Missy, are along for the ride as each character faces their own wild and momentous experiences. “TEX is a comic strip about that Continue Reading