No one told you it was going to be this way: Happy 20th anniversary to everybody’s favourite Friends!

  Happy 20th anniversary Friends! Yes, everyone, you are officially allowed to feel ridiculously, insanely old as you realise – rather quickly unfortunately thanks to the totally unambiguous declarative sentence that opens this anniversary tribute – that the first episode of Friends, a seminal sitcom that defined what life was life Continue Reading

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Marvellous massing of movie trailers: Rudderless, While We’re Young, The Rewrite, White Bird in a Blizzard, Men Women & Children

  I love the end of the year! So many wonderful, rich, intelligent dramas all throwing themselves at audiences, and of course Oscar (he of the Academy Awards) like lustful teenagers at a One Direction concert. I don’t even care that it will mean I never leave the cinema; it will Continue Reading