The Mandalorian – “Chapter 16: “The Rescue” (S2, E8 review) / Star Trek: Discovery – “Terra Firma (Pt 2.)” (S3, E10 review)

THE MANDALORIAN SPOILERS AHEAD … AND A SURPRISE GUEST … OR TWO … So, that’s what it feels like to have your heart metaphorically ripped out. The finale of The Mandalorian‘s brilliantly good second season, in which the bonds between Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu aka the Child deepened Continue Reading

On 12th day of Christmas … I listened to A Holly Dolly Christmas by Dolly Parton

As you might expect from a bright, larger than life personality like Dolly Parton, Holly Dolly Christmas, her new Christmas album and the successor to 1990’s Home For Christmas, opens on a joyously upbeat note with “Holly Jolly Christmas” that starts off an album with exactly the right kind of Continue Reading