Songs, songs and more songs #93: Mia Nicolai, Sigrid, Georgia, Molly Burch and Genesis Owusu + Eurovision 2024 update!

(via Shutterstock) Love is a messy powerful thing – sometimes it works in our favour, sometimes it doesn’t. When it does, and our romantic dreams crumble into dust, it can feel like the world has fallen apart, it can feel like indescribably words, emotions so big and damaging they somehow Continue Reading

Graphic novel review: Astronaut Down by James Patrick and Rubine

(courtesy AFTERSHOCK) Staring down the existential barrel of oblivion as we currently are, thanks to an epidemic, climate change, AI, encroaching fascism and a thousand other malodorous life-ending ailments, we have become well used to storytelling that inhabits a future apocalyptic/dystopian storytelling landscape. Usually these stories operate as a weird Continue Reading

Streaming special: Everything Now, The Wonderful World of Henry Sugar, Our Flag Means Death S2, Lessons in Chemistry + Frasier

(via Shutterstock) Gird your loins people because the tsunami of streaming content continues to race towards us at great speed. Getting through it all is likely next-to-near impossible, but while that may be true, this reviewer is going to be giving these five shows a red-hot go because they all Continue Reading