Pulling back the documentary curtain: On location with Prehistoric Planet

(courtesy IMP Awards)

Real landscapes. Remarkable creatures. An extraordinary team. Watch how the creators of Prehistoric Planet brought this one-of-a-kind documentary to life. (courtesy official Apple TV YouTube Channel)

There ae those among us who love to see the curtain pulled back on shows or movies they watch, and those who manifestly do not, preferring to keep the magic alive without seeing the people or processes that make it all happen.

I am very much in the first camp.

I can both glory in what I see on screen and become thoroughly enraptured watching it was made to happen, without a gram of wonder and enchantment being lost.

If anything, watching a mini-doc like On Location With Prehistoric Planet, which takes behind the scenes of the Sir David Attenborough series, Prehistoric Planet, actually increases my enjoyment of the five episodes which use brilliantly up-to-the-minute and the latest scientific discoveries to show us dinosaurs as they’ve never been seen before.

It’s utterly remarkable viewing and made all the richer, for me, by this short but beautifully done doc which beautifully explains why this series makes it look for all the world like dinosaurs still walk, fly and swim among us.

Prehistoric Planet is currently screening on Apple TV+

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