ABBA: So that’s a “NO!” to reforming is it Bjorn?

So it’s official then. In this short five second sound clip from Bjorn, who was interviewed on Swedish radio mere days ago on 11 May, he makes it very clear that the band will never, ever reform. You can’t get much more definitive than he does, either in the choice of words, or tonally (he sounds exasperated and tired all at once being asked yet again about the subject that all ABBA fans obsess about to one degree or another).

Frankly I never expected them to reform again, so this news is hardly a massive surprise.

And in my heart of hearts I think I would rather they don’t attempt anything of the sort since those sorts of reunions are always fraught. Yes on one very nostalgic level you’re excited that the band you love is back – you get to see them do their thing one more time, and maybe just maybe recapture a little bit of the thrill you felt when you were younger. Go back in time and relive a special moment in your life.

But we all know, deep down, that you can’t go back. Not really. And I think I would prefer to remember ABBA as they were and enjoy the specialness of those memories than attempt to bring something from my past kicking and screaming into the my present.

I have no doubt that all four members have the talent to pull a reunion off if they wanted to, but they seem to sensibly realise there was a time and a place for ABBA as an active band and that that time is not now.

Good call Bjorn… even though the 10 year old insides still wishes it would happen.

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