Alien and kittens? Yep, it’s all fun and games on board the Nostromo

(image via Mashable Watercooler YouTube (c) 20th Century Fox)


By any measure, Alien is a scary, tense thriller.

It’s hard not to watch the crew of the Nostromo succumb one by one to the xenomorph stalking them with horrific precision – except for you Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and Jones the intrepid crew cat – without goosebumps, hands over eyes and frequent retreats in the nearby blanket fort you constructed ahead of viewing. (Yes I am a great big scaredy cat, why do you ask?)

And yet, as Mashable Watercooler gleefully demonstrates with their comedic reimagining of Alien’s trailer, it is possible to turn this gripping, extraterrestrial bloodbath into a thigh-slappingly funny sitcom that will have everyone throwing their heads back with glee and cat lovers wondering how is it they never realised what a feline-centric film Alien is.

It’s very funny and involves zero need to hide under the couch until the scary bits have passed, because what’s scary abou cats doing the darndest cute things?

Nothing at all, unless you’re allergic to them or a dig person in which case my stack of blankets is that a-way people!

(source: Mashable)


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