As heartfelt as it gets: Director of UP, Pete Doctor explains the creation of its poignant opening sequence

(image courtesy IMP Awards)

The opening sequence of 2009’s UP, which is, if you do the maths, celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, is one of the most moving and beautiful pieces of cinema out there, absolutely and utterly, in any genre, hands down.

That may be seem like an extravagantly hyperbolic claim but you only have to watch it to understand how deep, true and all-encompassing real love can be, and why the film is such a profoundly powerful piece of storytelling.

UP‘s director, Pixar stalwart Pete Docter who also gifted us with Monsters. Inc (2001) and Inside Out (2015), explains how the opening sequence, which sets the scene and makes emotional sense of the adventuresome story to follow, came about in this video released via Rotten Tomatoes.

It’s an illuminating explanation of how this gorgeous setting of the narrative scene came to be, and a beautiful behind-the-scenes at how the creative process works.

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