Batman meets The Incredibles: Pixar’s creation is given a suitably dark, Nolan-esque vibe

(image via Comic Vine (c) Pixar / Disney)
(image via Comic Vine (c) Pixar / Disney)


I adore pretty much everything Pixar does.

Even owned as it is by Disney (who truth be told have lifted their game under Pixar maestro John Lasseter), it remains the most magical, inventive, innovative animation studio there is, able to invest every single one of its films – yes even Cars which, while not the pinnacle of their storytelling prowess, is nevertheless engaging in its own way – with visual brilliance, humanity and a gleeful tongue-in-cheek sense of humour that leavens out even the most serious and emotionally affecting of its tales such as Toy Story and UP.

Their movies are pretty much perfect in every way … but that doesn’t you can’t have some fun re-purpsoing them with a little judicious editing.

Talented YouTube user Bobby Burns, through a clever mash-up of  some of the film’s more serious scenes, Hans Zimmer’s Dark Knight trilogy music and a smattering of baddy Syndrome’s lines, has made it clear that the Brad Bird-directed The Incredibles, while delightful and funny and just plain laugh out loud clever, could also have done most excellent double duty as one of master auteur Christopher Nolan’s gritty, searingly-dramatic films.

It’s brilliantly realised and thoroughly satisfying to watch and makes the wait for The Incredibles sequel, announced in March this year, just that little bit harder.

(source: Following the Nerd)


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