Be together. Never the Same: The inspiring message of Android’s new ad

Be Together. Not the Same (image via YouTube (c) YouTube)
Be Together. Not the Same (image via YouTube (c) YouTube)


In general, I am not a fan of ads.

Even if they are artistic triumphs, and the great ones often are, I’m not especially enamoured of giving air to brands that simply want to sell more product.

The exceptions are the Christmas ads from various stores – c’mon it’s Christmas! – and this new ad from Android which celebrates the laudable and oh-so-necessary ideal in the age of Trump that we can be together, and should be together while retaining everyone that makes us who we are.

It’s an empowering, heartfelt message that particularly resonates with me since I was bulled mercilessly at school and didn’t really have many allies standing in the gap for me; sadly many bullies exploit difference and often get away with it, much to the victim’s cost and to society’s impoverishment as a whole.

So Android’s timely message that we don’t have to just stand by, that we can defend not only ourselves but others from attack and cruel, soul-destroying cruel belittlement is a wonderful thing that I want to celebrate.

Yes even as the owner of an iPhone …


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