Beware of The Walking Gingerbread! They will eat ALL your cookies #SesameStreet

(image via Muppet Wikia (c) Sesame Workshop)


One of the great, inestimable joys in life is when Sesame Street parodies a show you love.

Their brilliantly-realised parodies are a joy on just about every level – they capture the look and feel of the target show while making merry with its premise, its characters and plots while teaching all of us a valuable life lesson.

Their latest effort sends up The Walking Dead, which began its eighth season just last week, with the rapacious The Walking Gingerbeard‘s Crumbies turning up to eat all of Sheriff Graham’s (get it? get it?) cookies, all of them (oh the trauma!) and it takes the combined efforts of Muppet versions of Daryl and Michonne to make the forest safe for Sheriff Graham again.

The one big sticking point as the parody takes us to a host of The Walking Dead‘s favourite locales, all of which are surrounded by hungry Crumbies, is that Cookie Monster must be patient and not eat the cookies.

You can pretty much imagine how well that turns out.

The Walking Gingerbread is an absolute gem, proof that Sesame Street, which has long used pop culture to amplify it teaching lessons, is as strong in the parodying game as ever.

(source: io9 Gizmodo)


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