Brick bazinga! The Big Bang Theory gets a LEGO intro theme

(image via c|net (c) Toscano Bricks)
(image via c|net (c) Toscano Bricks)


As it marches ever onward through its 10th season, The Big Bang Theory, sitcom ratings juggernaut, geek flagbearer and hilarious diversion from the travesties of real life, has finally been the recipient of something it should have had a long, long time ago.

Which is what you ask as the opening notes of the insanely-catchy opening theme by The Barenaked Ladies comes dancing across your earworm with little to no coercion?

Why a LEGO version  of its introduction, with a delightfully meta commentary by the brick-ised members of the cast on what a really good LEGO stop-motion film should look and feel like.

“It’s not enough to make the Legos move, they also have to capture your heart,” says Howard, with requisite earnestness to Leonard.

It’s an absolute delight, the  latest in a series by Toscano Bricks which includes Guardians of the Galaxy, Game of Thrones and yes even a rundown of the 2016 Oscar Best Picture nominees.


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