Come and take a look behind the curtain with Star Trek: Discovery and Star Wars

Not everyone likes to pull back the curtain hiding the gears and mechanisms that make a movie or TV show come alive.

For some, wholly entering into that created world is sacrosanct; they want the experience of being transported far away from the everyday, to feel as if it is inviolably real, a living, breathing escapist creation and so, anything which disrupts that spell, is avoided.

But for others, such as yours truly, watching behind-the-scenes video reveals simply serves to make the experience of the show all the richer, granting rare insight that enriches the show in ways you would otherwise miss out on.

So, if you’re are very much in the former camp, you may not give the following two videos a big miss which show, respectively, some cool VFX from Star Trek: Discovery season 2 and Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford’s 1977 auditions for Star Wars: A New Hope where they to work from a single scene only without the contextual script to guide them further.

Both videos offering a fascinating brief look behind the TV curtain and are definitely worth your time … unless, of course, you’d prefer to keep thinking of the Wizard as larger-than-life which, to be fair, is actually not a bad way to be.

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