Dance your way from A to Z with Disco Grover!

Get on down! (image via YouTube (c) Sesame Workshop)


Step aside and let the King show you how it’s done. Grover is the King of ABC Disco and he is going to boogie oogie oogie through all twenty-six letter of the alphabet. Watch him get down!

I have long been a fan of the absolutely impressive, endlessly talented Grover who is rivalled in my Sesame Street affections, only by the engaging twosome of Ernie and Bert.

Suffice to say then that Grover doing pretty much anything enthralls and delights me, meaning of course that were he to hit the disco dancefloor as he does in his clip then I would have of course have to watch.

And sing my ABCs at the top of my disco-loving voice as I boogie with dear old Grover.



There is something incredibly endearing about Grover who never quite seems to get things completley right but who is nonetheless lauded for giving it a go and being willing to plunge on regardless of the likely, less than graceful consequences.

At least he tries … well until it all, rather sweetly and hilariously, becomes a little too much for him.

Even then he is unfailing polite, lovely and adorably Grover-ish.

Get on down but make sure you don’t tread on Grover OK?

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