Deadly. Brilliant. Dramatic. Heroic. Q-Force has all the words and all the style

(image courtesy IMDb (c) Netflix)

Q-Force follows Steve Mayweather, AKA Agent Mary (voiced by Sean Hayes), who was once the leader of the American Intelligence Agency (AIA) until he came out as gay. The Agency was not able to fire him on the basis of his sexual orientation, so they sent him to West Hollywood to disappear into obscurity. Instead, Steve put together a rag-tag group of LGBTQ geniuses, joining forces with the expert mechanic Deb (Wanda Sykes), master of drag and disguise Twink (Matt Rogers), and hacker Stat (Patti Harrison), making the “Q-Force” squad. Q-Force is created by Liedman, who executive produces alongside Hayes, Todd Milliner, Ben Heins, Mike Schur and David Miner. (synopsis courtesy Variety)

The world may be changing but it is also a little too much as it always was, especially when it comes to embracing the glorious diversity of LGBTQI+ people.

That much hilariously but cuttingly apparent with the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming animated series Q-Force which explores when happens when the golden child of the American Intelligence Agency comes out as gay in a world where that’s not exactly the coolest thing to be.

While it’s near impossible to assess an entire series based on one snappily put-together trailer, it is abundantly clear that Q-Force is going to be funny, incisively clever and heartfelt, a brilliantly compelling combination that could go a long way to further dispelling lingering ideas that queer people are broken or not normal.

Bring it on and let the comedically-laced queer spy action commence!

Q-Force drops on Netflix on 2 September 2021.

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