Deck the halls with demented zombie snowmen, Dr Who!

The movie poster for the Dr Who Christmas special, “The Snowmen” (image via


God bless the BBC and their formidably enthusiastic publicity department.

Even if there was a slim chance we’d forget about the good Doctor’s upcoming, and deliciously creepy Christmas special The Snowmen, it would be rendered null and void, and yes, well, exterminated, by the constant avalanche of trailers, movie-style posters and photos they keep on releasing.

And I am so glad they do.

In this age of instant everything, waiting even a month or so for what looks like a thoroughly engrossing special, can seem like an eternity. (Just call me Mr Instant Gratification Nerd Boy form now on if you like; go on, I won’t mind.)


One of the images released overnight by the BBC’s wonderful publicity department (image via


So having all these exciting sneak peeks at the special is just enough – just I must be clear; I will not be truly satisfied till Boxing Day arrives in Australia and I can see it – to keep me waiting just a little less impatiently.

And thanks too to the tireless, and dedicated folks at who provide the best updates a time-travelling fan boy could ask for.

Here are a few more shots from the stills that were released and if you want to see the full suite of pics, you can see them all here.


The Doctor’s new companion, Clara (Jenna-Louise Coleman) keeps an eye on the Doctor (image via


You can already see the feisty relationship that will develop between Clara and the Doctor (image via


Vastra (Neve McIntosh) an old friend of the Doctor’s returns and as always she is a formidable ally and isn’t afraid of snowmen with very sharp teeth (image via


The baddy of the piece, Dr Simeon (Dr Richard E Grant), looking suitably ghoul-like as he commands his army of undead snowmen (image via


Save the children! The Doctor has to battle the snowmen to rescue Clara, and her charges, Francesca (Ellie Darcy-Alden) and Digby (Joseph Darcy-Alden) … and if past specials are any guide, all of humanity.
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