“Every life ends …” Facing death in the most unexpected way with upcoming film, Tuesday

(courtesy IMP Awards)

A mother and her teenage daughter must confront Death when it arrives in the form of an astonishing talking bird. From debut filmmaker Daina O. Pusić, Tuesday is a heart-rending fairy tale about the echoes of loss and finding resilience in the unexpected. Tuesday is both written and directed by up-and-coming Croatian filmmaker Daina Oniunas-Pusic, making her feature directorial debut after a few other short films previously. Produced by Helen Gladders, Ivana MacKinnon, Oliver Roskill. (courtesy First Showing

There is something hideously comforting about a slow motion walk to death.

When someone you know is dying, it is the most beautiful and hideous of times because it compels to spend time with them and to have conversations you might otherwise think you don’t have time for – one tip: you do have time and you must always tell people what’s on your heart and that you love them whenever you get the chance to – but there’s a ticking clock down to that terrible moment when they will no longer be with you.

I watched my mum slowly die of ovarian cancer over nine horrifically sad but lovely months – lovely because I got to spend time with her in a way that might have not happened otherwise – and Tuesday, a new film starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus captures what this time feels like so perfectly it cut right through to my heart.

I am still debating just over four years later whether I am emotionally able to cope with watching a film like this but I hope I am because it looks wonderfully perfect and just what anyone facing down this sort of moment in time needs to see.

Tuesday premieres in U.S. this northern Summer with Australian release date TBA.

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