Everyone’s talking about Games of Thrones, even the cast of Silicon Valley

Kumail Nanjiani, Zach Woods, and Thomas Middleditch (image via Mashable (c) HBO)
Kumail Nanjiani, Zach Woods, and Thomas Middleditch (image via Mashable (c) HBO)


It’s time honoured way to spend your work day, well the bits where you’re doing your level best to not do actual work anyway.

And it seems that not even Kumail Nanjiani, Zach Woods, and Thomas Middleditch from HBO’s break out comedy hit of 2014, Silicon Valley, are immune, decked out in cosplay no less, from talking about their favourite shows when presumably they should be filming something.

Although in this instance they’re probably off the hook since HBO’s publicity department seems rather keen for them to talk about Game of Thrones, whose season 5 premiere episode airs just before the start of the second season of Silicon Valley, in a segment humorously titled Chattin’ Thrones, a playful riff on The Walking Dead‘s Talking Dead.

Talk about it they do with the three nerds all deeply invested in whether Sansa (Sophie Turner) will, in the words of Nanjiani, is “… gonna do Sansa”, a nod to her blossoming independence, in the wake of her season 4 ending epiphany about the way life really works in Westeros.

Fresh from observing that Sansa is going to become her own woman, with her metaphorical books and records, the trio turn their attention to the infamous “Red Wedding” episode – Warning! Spoilers! – where, not surprisingly lots of people die.

Really, really bloodily and likely before the cake or the speeches or god forbid the free booze.

It’s amusing, it’s clever and frankly it’s exactly the same kinds of conversations we’ve likely had with our friends about Game of Thrones (you know if we were really gifted with funny, pithy HBO publicity department lines, which last time I checked, we are sadly not).

And its simultaneously a reminder that on the same night that Game of Thrones ascends the Iron Throne again, Silicon Valley is back on our screens too, even if their throne is of a more, um, porcelain variety.

Game of Thrones season 5 and Silicon Valley season 2 premiere this Sunday April 12 on HBO.

 (source: Mashable)



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