Forget the Good Place or the bad place! What about The Infinite Place?

(image via YouTube (c) Leigh Lahav)


Iron Man isn’t afraid of ANYTHING.

How do we know this? Well, according to the latest brilliantly-clever, very funny animated video from the talented Leigh Lahav, not even death ruffles his cooler-than-cool feathers.

Appearing before Michael from NBC’s sitcom-of-the-moment The Good Place, Iron Man is not the least bit fazed by finding he’s dead, and that things in the afterlife may be a whole different than he imagined.

How cool is that? Cool, and with the help of Janet, very, VERY funny.

As mash-ups go, this is hilariously inspired and maybe, just maybe won’t make death feel quite so scary.

OK maybe that won’t happen but dammit if Iron Man doesn’t make it a possibility.


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