Fun festive animation: Rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ ever closer to Santa

(image (c) Rollin’ Wild)


It’s a question worth pondering, perhaps over a glass of eggnog or while chowing down on some chestnuts, fresh from roasting on an open fire:

“If all animals became round overnight, would their daily life still run that smoothly?”

And the answer is … not so well and damn it would be hilarious to watch.

So funny in fact that what started out as four clips created in 2012 at the Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg film school in Germany by Kyra Buschor and Constantin Paeplow have grown into all kinds of laugh out loud clips, known as Rollin’ Wild that include these quite festive ones below.

Clips in which Santa’s spherical reindeers get into all kinds of guffawing trouble trying to stay on the roof or as angelic sheep is less than impressed with his circular role in a nativity play.

The good news is you can watch these mirth-full clips all year around at Rollin’ Wild‘s YouTube channel where animals find that being round is thigh-slappingly funny.

Well we do, ho ho ho! Them? Not so much …



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