Get ready to face your demons … again: The 100 season 6

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For a show addicted to big epic, emotionally-evocative, even the end of season 5 was a pretty big deal for The 100.

Just how epic? Why, let’s allow Andy Swift of TVLine to convey just how big a deal that ending was and the emotional effect it had on all of us.

“After narrowly defeating McCreary and escaping into space just in time to avoid being blown up along with the rest of the valley, Tuesday’s season finale of The 100 put Clarke & Co. into cryosleep, from which she and Bellamy awoke 125 years later (!) to meet Monty and Harper’s son Jordan (!!) and to discover a new planet (!!!). If you can’t tell from my liberal use of exclamation points, I’m still in shock.”

So big developments, big changes but does it all mean? For that Swift turned to the showrunner for The 100, Jason Rothenberg who had this to say:

“As the season was unfolding, we didn’t know that we were going to get another season, which is a difficult position to be in. I assumed we would, but we hadn’t gotten an official order. So I had to write an ending that would be both satisfying as a series finale and would tee up the next adventure. That was my target, which I feel like we hit. Had that been the end of everything, it would have been a bummer not to explore what’s down [on that new planet], but it would have been emotionally satisfying the way Monty’s life passes before our eyes and Bellamy and Clarke weep during his final speech. Thematically, Monty’s speech summed up a lot of what we’ve been talking about for five seasons.” (TVLine)

So what does this mean for season 6 you say? Rothenberg again:

“As we move into this new world, I really wanted it to be a new book. The first volume is closed and now we get to tell an entirely new adventure with the people we’ve come to love. It’s going to be crazy and amazing and beautiful and very, very different.” (TVLine)

And messy because where Clarke and the others go, trouble follows. The people on the new planet better be careful … oops too late!

The 100 season 6 premieres Tuesday, April 30 at 9/8c on The CW.

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