Going to the Chapel and we’re going … to meet a gang of bank-robbing Elvises?

(cover image via Bleeding Cool (c) Action Lab: danger Zone)

The upcoming romantic action-comedy series follows the unfortunate nuptials of Emily Anderson, a bride-to-be who wasn’t necessarily convinced everything would go well even before her big day was interrupted by a gang of Elvis-themed bank robbers looking for a quick getaway. (synopsis (c) Hollywood Reporter)

“Love is the ultimate hostage situation.”

So says writer David Pepose who has taken the quaint romantic comedies stories of yore and shaken them up until their a discombobulated mix of tiaras, champagne and death do us part.

But is it really that bad?

Well, possibly when it’s your wedding day, and you’re not even entirely sure you should be getting hitched as Pepose explains in a brilliantly-irreverent piece on Bleeding Cool introducing his latest creative venture.

“You see, the wedding was supposed to simple — the newspapers trumpeted the nuptials of heiress Emily Anderson and her longtime sweetheart, architect Jesse Moore. The only snag in this plan? This is a bride grappling with a serious case of cold feet — but before Emily can pull the trigger on her beau-to-be, the whole ceremony is hijacked by the bank-robbing bandits known as the Bad Elvis Gang. But when the heist is blown and the chapel is surrounded by the police, our bride is forced to become the unlikely ringleader of her own hostage situation to get everyone out in one piece.”

Sounds brilliantly, fiendishly, fantastically-offbeat? Indeed it does, and it looks like Pepose, artist Gavin Guidry (The Death Defying), colorist Liz Kramer (Threader), letterer Ariana Maher (James Bond 007), and cover artists such as Lisa Sterle (Long Lost) and Maan House (The Devil Within) have cooked up quite the memorable cast of characters, inventive premise and a story that can’t help but entertain.

Find out just entertaining it is when Going to the Chapel releases its first blue-suede issue this northern autumn.

(cover image via Bleeding Cool (c) Action Lab: danger Zone)

(cover image via Bleeding Cool (c) Action Lab: danger Zone)

(cover image via Bleeding Cool (c) Action Lab: danger Zone)

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