Goodnight, ABBA: Björn Ulvaeus reads a bedtime story to the inner child in all of us

(image from YouTube (c) Tom Percival & Christine Pym)

It turns out, and why would you have doubted it, that ABBA are good for even more than just stellar classic classic pop songs and an almost assailable position at the very heights of the pop pantheon.

They are, in fact, warm and engaging storytellers; well, at least we have proof that Björn Ulvaeus, one of its four immensely talented members, most certainly is.

In this episode from the BBC’s CBeebies Bedtime Story series, Björn recounts the thoroughly delightful story of Goat’s Coat by Tom Percival & Christine Pym in which Alfonso the goat self-sacrificially gives up part of his warm winter garment so that others might be warm.

It’s a gorgeous tale in which we learn about the importance of loving and giving even at your own expense so others might be looked after.

Goat’s Coat is a reminder that kindness has its own rewards (the kind that money can’t buy), as the ending beautifully points out, with Björn’s dulcet tones adding some extra loveliness to this charmingly uplifting story.

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