Grab a phone! What would a 2019 iteration of Friends look like?

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We know things have changed since Friends finished its 10-season run back on 6 May, 2004 but, wondered Nerdist, just how different would be the show be if I debuted today?

What would change? What would be the same? Would the changes be so dramatic that the show would be unrecognisable?

It likely would.

Take the impact of social media which has taken people from the here and now, and taken them far off to a digitally-pixelated world of Likes, Hearts and Retweets where direct human interaction isn’t quiet as important as it was back in the ’90s.

Nerdist, of course, has a great deal of fun with this significant social change, with the re-done Friends title sequence and their take on a possible episode the stuff of hilarious “What if?” dreams.

Enjoy … and for god’s sake, put your phone away! (Unless you’re reading this post on your mobile, in which case, have at it.)

Just in case, you’ve forgotten what the original intro looked like, here it is …

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