Happy Easter reading kids! Time to tuck into We’re Going on an Egg Hunt, The Great Eggscape! and Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt

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Easter is all kinds of colourful, eggs-citing fun!

Kids, most of all, love heading out for time with friends and family and embarking on Easter egg hunts which can be quick or slow but which are never ever dull.

The theme of these three gorgeous books is how good it is to go and see people you love and to go on all kinds of adventures, whether it’s on a farm, at a friend’s picnic or in a shop where you have some to fill in and want to mix things up a bit!

Whether these books are for your kids, or for your inner child who wants some colourful Easter-y fun, they will make your heart glad with their stories of eggs, friends and happiness, all of which makes this a most wonderful festival indeed.

We’re Going on an Egg Hunt by Martha Mumford and Laura Hughes

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What is more fun than an Easter egg hunt?

Why, an Easter egg hunt where the bunnies are the ones hunting the eggs – clearly their relative has done his or her thing and left them to go out and find the hidden treats – and, bonus points for cuteness here, they have go looking for the eggs while meeting lamb and chicks and ducks and bees.

The delightful part of a We’re Going on an Egg Hunt by Martha Mumford and Laura Hughes is that, the lyrical cadence of the repeated refrains aside, kids get to lift up the flaps to see where the eggs have been hidden and … surprise! surprise! … sometimes its not an Easter egg at all.

And sometimes, something, or rather someone else, might be lying in wait and you have to skedaddle back to the safety of your home where you can have a wonderful tea with Easter eggs and lovely pots of Earl Grey.

All’s well in the end with lots of adventure, fun and friendship and all the frolicking delights of heading out on an Easter egg hunt, not knowing quite what you’ll find … or where!

The Great Eggscape! by Jory John and Peter Oswald

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Egg-based word play at Christmas is all but mandatory and thankfully Jory John and Pete Oswald have come to the party with The Great Eggscape, in which a dozen eggs escape the cardboard confines of their carton and set out to explore the vast store in which they sit.

Now, what game would eggs at Easter time choose to play? Points to you if you said hide-n-seek because that is precisely what the eggs do play!

Shel is the only one who doesn’t join in the frolicking fun, preferring to spend his eggy downtime reading Great Eggspectations and kicking back while his now gaily-painted friends are out and about doing their eggs-capist thing!

But when no one comes back by lunchtime, Shel sets off to find Clegg and Meg and Peg and Eggbert and Greg and Shelby and Shelly and Frank and Other Frank, and discovers that maybe hiding in the produce and bulk bins is actually pretty enjoyable after all.

An ode to friendship and fun, The Great Eggscape is a heartwarmingly colourful reminder of the joys of belonging and eggs-actly how much fun is to be had when you let yourself live a little!

Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt by Roger Hargreaves

(courtesy THOIP – a SANRIO company)

The Mr. Men and Little Misses are such simple but highly enjoyable characters to hang out with.

While my personal favourite is Mr. Tickle, it’s Mr. Impossible who’s the subject of this book which, no big surprise there, is all about an Easter egg hunt.

But not the sort of hunt you’re used to because being Mr. Impossible, he hides the eggs where most people would not think to look for them at all, something which begins to concern Mr. Happy, who’s holding a special Easter picnic for his friends, who begins to wonder if any of the eggs will ever see the light of day again.

They do, of course with everyone from Mr. Tickle (hurrah!), Mr. Tall and Mr. Small, and many others, all discovering the eggs hiding in places only they can find them.

In the end, everyone has a brilliantly good time finding the eggs, including one placed in, of all places, a cloud, and the day is a great success, which is a relief to Mr. Happy because to wonder if, wait for it, that might be an impossibility!

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