“Here’s Johnny!” Watch iconic movie lines get animatedly reimagined

Run Forest run! (image via YouTube (c) Nick Murray Willis)


I love people with the capacity to take near-omnipresent things like iconic movie lines, which are bandied around like confetti at an environmentally-unfriendly weddings and make them into something wholly different, and most importantly, fun.

Brighton, UK animator Nick Murray Willis has taken quotes from the likes of Lord of the Rings, Forest Gump, Taken, The Shining and Gladiator and lots more – including Jaws where the need for a bigger boat gets mischievously reinterpreted – and give them a delightfully silly though very clever twist.

It puts a smile on your face and make you think about how much particular lines depend on context to make sense and how if you’ve never seen these lines – I’ve never seen The Shining for instance – they can mean a whole other thing in isolation.

You can thank Nick for going and animating that whole other thing in ways that will put an appreciative, deeply-amused grin on your face.

(source: Laughing Squid)


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