“Here’s looking at you, kid” Top 10 types of character goodbyes in movies

(image via YouTube)
(image via YouTube)


Saying goodbye is never easy.

And no one knows that better than the purveyors of cinema who have helped their audiences make sense of grief and loss since the first film flickered to life in the 1890s.

As this deeply-informative video from Cinefix distills beautifully, cinemas role in this regard is entirely in keeping the society’s predilection for making sense of life and the world around us via stories.

In that sense, cinema is the latest in a long line of storytellers who have helped us understand what it is to suffer loss, and the many ways in which we can process it.

Cinefix picks the top 10 ways  characters say goodbye to each other in movies, and draws sage life lessons for the rest of us, a reminder if we need one, that what we see and hear often stays with us long after the cinema lights have come up.

(source: Laughing Squid)


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