How do spiders stay cool in summer? Lucas the Spider wants to know

(image via YouTube (c) Joshua Slice)

Oh boy, it sure is hot outside! How does a spider keep cool in the summer? (synopsis via Laughing Squid)

It’s not technically summer anywhere in our COVID-19 blighted world right now.

The Southern Hemisphere has bid the season farewell while the Northern Hemisphere is eagerly looking forward to things heating up a bit.

But where Lucas the Spider, created by Joshua Slice, is it is summer all the time thanks to It’s Hot, an adorable minute-long video in which everyone’s favourite spider – I’m an arachnophobe normally but for Lucas I’ll make an exception – does his best to get cool.

Near the BBQ? Nope! Over by the pool? Much better. Sleeping with the ‘baby polar bear” (aka cute fluffy white terrier)? Absolutely the best. Sleep worthy in fact.

So there you go – if you’re hot, find an immature polar bar, curl up in the shade and it won’t seem so hot anymore.

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