“I am Dug and this makes me … Squirrel!” New trailer lands for Dug Days

(image courtesy IMP Awards)

Pixar Animation Studios’ Dug Days is a collection of shorts that follows the humorous misadventures of Dug, the lovable dog from Disney and Pixar’s Up. Each short features everyday events that occur in and around Dug’s backyard, all through the exciting (and delightfully distorted) eyes of our favorite talking dog. Dug Days is a new series written and directed by Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award-winner Bob Peterson, co-director on Up previously, and director of Pixar’s Forky Asks a Question series. He also voiced Dug (and Alpha) in the original Up movie. Produced by Kim Collins. Made by Pixar Animation Studios. (synopsis courtesy First Showing)

There is so much to love about Pixar’s Up.

It has brilliantly memorable characters, a simple but profoundly propulsive and engrossing storyline, and one of the meaningful, heartrendingly beautiful opening sequences of any film EVER.

And then, of course, there is the boundless enthusiasm and lovely devotion of Dug, a dog who is the most dog any dog could be, and who, more than anyone, deserves his own series.

So, it’s rather fitting that he has one.

It may not be quite as exotic a locale as Paradise Falls in South America but the backyard of the home Dug (Bob Peterson) has for himself with Carl (Ed Asner) with, I assume, frequent visitor Russell (TBA) looks plenty big enough for some grand adventures, precisely because Dug’s heart and soul is big enough for just anything anywhere.

The five shorts look set, if this short but sweetly amusing trailer is any guide, to be just the escape many of us need at the moment when life has pandemic life has once again conspired to shrink our worlds back to the size of our homes and backyards.

As Dug shows, there’s actually a lot of fun stuff to be found there if you look hard enough.

Dug Days premieres on Disney Plus on 1 September.

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