Is there Life After Gravity? There is, and it’s beautifully shot

(image via C|Net (c) 3D Robotics)
(image via C|Net (c) 3D Robotics)


Life After Gravity, is a thriller on a global scale — intergalactic, really — about the blessings and poisons of extraordinary power, the many conflicts of its pursuit, and the birth of a new era for our civilization when we’re suddenly relieved of the trappings of gravity. (synopsis via C|Net)

It’s rare in this pop culture-saturated postmodern age, where pretty much everything is available and accessible on the internet, and mash-ups and homages are commonplace, to find anything that truly surprises.

But a company called 3D Robotics has managed it, filming an entire new sci-fi series with a GoPro camera attached to one of their Solo Drones.

The result is entirely spectacular, testament to how impressive aerial filming can make anything look, particularly when it comes with dexterity of a drone.

Granted, Life After Gravity functions as a form of PR for the company but that shouldn’t take away from how utterly gorgeous and immersive it looks, with the series framed by company spokesman Roger Sollenberger as a labour of love for everyone concerned:

“It’s Hollywood cinema on a Holly Golightly budget. What we mean by that is we scrape it together as best we can…we use local actors, inexpensive and DIY costumes and props, and tap our friends and Solo users around the world as production partners for their artistic contributions.”

As C|net notes however, “the in-house video production team working on the show has several Emmy nominations under its belt.”

The first episode should be available on 3D Robotic’s YouTube channel mid-October-ish with 5 more to follow every second week till the end of the year.

(source: C|net)


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