Is there nothing that Rogue One’s Chirrut Imwe can’t do? NO #StarWars

(image via YouTube (c) How It Should Have Ended)


If you saw Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, and seriously if you haven’t why not, you will remember it is one of the darkest, most bloody films in the franchise’s considerable canon.

Telling the story of the intrepid band of brave rebels who successfully managed to get the plans for the Death Star, thus making Star Wars: A New Hope a whole heap more inspiring than it might have been, and who – SPOILER ALERT!!! – all die in the process, valiantly and heroically.

It’s an impressive film given its gritty authentically and war movie heart-on-the-sleeve emotional resonance, and of the heroes of the saga is Chirrut Imwe, a blind warrior monk on the ancestral home of the Force, Jedha, whose often-uttered mantra was “I’m one with the Force; the Force is with me.”



In Rogue One, he is as badass as they come, taking out a host of Imperial bad guys with nary a backward glance or a reluctant moment, all the while devoted to his religious beliefs and his craft.

The good folks at How It Should Have Ended, decided to burnish his impressive fighting prowess by creating a four-minute humourous homage to the great man, Chirrut Versus Everything: Lego Star Wars Parody in tandem with the Brotherhood Workshop, which sees the fearless take on everyone, and I mean everyone. It’s fantastically, brilliantly over the top and trust me, you will love it.

Just thinking that we shouldn’t try this at home in our battles with the Empire OK? After all, are we blind Force-ian monks with unparalleled martial arts skills? No, no we are not.

Best just watch the video instead.

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