Just listened to…


Or more precisely my three favourite songs off their last time, Nightworks, which has been out awhile now, but is still the perfect soundtrack to pounding the footpath early in the morning as I exercise in the hope of shrinking down to the size of my twenty year old self (it hasn’t happened yet!). The three songs that truly make the walks fly by, and which I will happily listen to over and over in a gloriously repetitive aural orgy are Skin Tight (a tribute to intimate love, not sex), Sex and Violence, and Nightlife. I love the entire album truth be told, but it is these three songs that truly hit the sonic mark, and carry my feet over the 6 or so kilometres I usually cover at 5 in the morning… and let’s face it, that early in the morning, when dawn and I usually cross paths, a boy need all the driving beats he can get!

Skin Tight
Sex and Violence


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