Kiddo and the fraught adventure of finding your way in the world

(image (c) Tito Fernandes


Kiddo is an action adventure coming of age film about a young orphan girl named Kim (Antonia Tootill) and her “two unusual buddies’ journey to find inner resolution and their place in the world.” (Laughing Squid)

It’s cold, damn cold!

And then it most certainly is not.

One thing that is constant in the proof-of-concept trailer for Kiddo – essentially a “this would make a brilliant kickass film!” trailer to get producers interested – is a grim, pervading sense of intriguing mystery, matched only by the determination of the spirited protagonist to reclaim something precious lost to her.

It’s evident she’s been separated from her father, who may or may not be dead, but beyond that it’s a fascinating blend of sentient robots, monkeys, darkness and ruins, with a powerful call to action and thirst for vengeance that cannot be denied.

Writer and director Tito Fernandes has crafted a magnificent embryonic tale in Kiddo that I sincerely hope gets made as there are many answers I want about a protagonist that managed to capture my heart in just three and a half all-too-short minutes.

Here’s to a blockbuster premiere on a really big screen near us all soon!


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