“Let It Go” (Frozen) goes clubbing thanks to Armin van Buuren

Elsa, voiced by the fabulous Idina Menzel) (image via Starburst Magazine (c) Disney)
Elsa, voiced by the fabulous Idina Menzel (image via Starburst Magazine (c) Disney)


A darkened club full of pulsing strobe lights, heaving, sweating bodies and bass-heavy EDM (electronic dance music) may not be the first place you’d picture Elsa from Disney’s mega smash-hit feature film Frozen.

But that’s exactly where Armin van Buuren’s haunting remix of the song “Let It Go”, easily the stand out from an Oscar-winning musical soundtrack studded with memorable songs by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, takes you and her in an instant with its haunting vocals and pounding, dance-inducing beat.

And as Buzzfeed points out, it won’t be short of company with songs from other Disney movies – think “Circle of Life” from The Lion King (Carmen Twillie and Lebo M remix), The Muppet Show Theme (Shy Kidx remix) and even “Baby Mine” from Dumbo (remixed by Kaskade) among others – all getting the club-ready treatment on the album DConstructed, which hit the streets on April 22.

It’s an innovative concept from Disney, which is giving new life to old and new classic songs, of which it has more than a few in its vault, and helping it to reach out to older generations which may possess a fondness for the Mouse House but deem it far too uncool to be associated with any longer.

Granted, it’s unlikely that Dconstructed will have them rushing to the cinema any times soon to see any Disney or Pixar cartoons, but it will keep Disney front of mind for when being cool is no longer an issue, and maybe even give them something to dance to in the meantime.

DConstructed is available now so get your Mickey Mouse ears on and your dancing feet warmed up!


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