Let’s read with … Dolly Parton? COVID-19 hasn’t stopped storytime …

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If you were pick anyone to sit snug as a bug in a bed in their pajamas and read a picture book to you, the odds are good surely that you would pick someone as wonderful as Dolly Parton.

She’s bright, smart, effervescently lovely and has the perfect sing-song cadence in her voice to make listening to each and every word a delight.

Which is a good thing when your audience is restless young kids and even more so when they have been cooped up inside the house, bar the occasional park or supermarket visit (Yep, supermarkets are the new fun fair!) and want to just go places … they can’t.

It’s a growing trend to have celebrities such as Dolly filling up the long days of social isolation with some book reading fun as Bust observes.

“… a growing number of celebrities are taking to social media to entertain and educate their fans who can’t make it to the library right now. Recent programs such as @savewithstories and @voiceactorsread, which feature the vocal talents behind some beloved animated characters, have collaborated with celebs like Jennifer Garner and Lin-Manuel Miranda to provide fun and education for kids stuck at home during the pandemic.

Pandemics as we’re discovering are not a whole lot of fun but with these wonderful people reading books to you, things do feel a whole lot better all of a sudden.

Why not try these other comforting storytellers on for size?

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