Love in chronological flux: The Time Traveler’s Wife releases an intriguing teaser trailer

(courtesy Gizmodo (c) HBO

Based on the 2003 novel by Audrey Niffenegger, The Time Traveler’s Wife – coming to HBO and HBO Max in May – is about exactly that: a woman named Claire (here played by Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie) is married to a man named Henry (here played by Divergent’s Theo James) who has a very peculiar genetic disorder. He just randomly travels through time. (synopsis (c) Gizmodo)

There is an aching emotional resonance to The Time Traveler’s Wife which stays with you right throughout its humanity-drenched storyline and which makes this beautiful story one for the ages … literally as it turns out.

Quite apart from the premise of a man who zips in and out of moments of time because of a rare generic disorder, the story does an evocative job of conveying what it would be like, for both husband and wife, to be constantly separated without warning, never sure where or when you’ll see them again.

While the 2003 film was pilloried by the critics – it currently sits at a rotten 38% – perhaps it veered a little too much into the sudsy side of melodrama, it still conveyed what it would be like to have your heart rise and fall every time your loved appears and then disappears, and yet how your love would continue on, anyway.

Would that be a curse or a blessing? Both maybe, hopefully more of the latter than the former and it will be interesting to see the approach this new take on the much-loved book takes when The Time Traveler’s Wife releases on HBO and HBO Max in May 2022.

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