Mixed Bag o’ Updates – Dr Who and Glee!

Yes I like to mix it up folks and here’s a doozy! Dr Who, time-traveller extraordinaire fighting against galactic evil, and Glee, all singing, all dancing and fighting societal evils. Yep a tenuous crossover, it’s true but it’s the best I can do right at this moment!


This second half of season 6 looks like it holds lots of promise with more River Song revelations, plots to kill Hitler, minotaurs and who knows else what as the following interview with Matt Smith details quite nicely :


GLEE – Season 3

Yes season 2 was very hit and miss, and I can only hope that Ryan Murphy recaptures the taut storytelling and immediate relevancy of season 1. All indications are that there are good storylines in the offing, and if he can re-invent Sue from a one-note character, and stop the Melrose Place-type dating syndrome in the Glee club, I will definitely be tuning in with perfectly tuned bells on!

…oh and the Dodgeball promo is a hoot! (although it doesn’t bode well for the whole Sue as an ongoing full realised character)


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