MUTTS: Take a sneak peek at “The Art of Nothing”

(image courtesy Mutts (c) Patrick McDonnell)

There is a great deal that the legendary Charles Schulz got right about a great many things but perhaps one of his best calls was saying that the Mutts comic strip, launched by Patrick McDonnell on 5 September, 1994, is “one of the best comic strips of all time.”

That’s high praise indeed from the man responsible for THE greatest comic strip of all time, the timeless Peanuts, but it speaks to how brilliantly-clever Mutts is in just about every respect.

Centred on the lovable dog and cat twosome of Earl and Mooch, and possessing a delicious retro look and feel that harks back to comic strips of old while still being very much its own unique creation, Mutts is as much about telling delightful stories about the lives of dogs and cats (and their often bemused but loving owners) as it is about promoting animal welfare in every form, from wildlife conservation to the need for people to adopt shelter animals.

Given how much it has amused and educated us over the last 25 years, it’s entirely fitting that a book is being released to commemorate the event, The Art of Nothing, a delightful nod to a comic strip that purports to be about nothing but which is in fact everything.

Creator and continuing comic strip artist McDonnell has released a video showcasing the unbound version which gives us an appealing glimpse into this gorgeous tome, that comes complete with unreleased artwork and a wrap-around cover, which is available 15 October this year.

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