Notes on a scene: Actor/director John Krasinski breaks down the lantern scene from A Quiet Place

(image courtesy IMP Awards)


There’s no escaping the fact that A Quiet Place is one hell of a tense, absolutely brilliant movie-going experience.

Premised on the idea that humanity has been driven to near-extinction by vicious, possibly alien, creatures who are blind but possessed of a razor sharp, pindrop accurate hearing, it exists in a world where you cannot make a sound … or you die.

It’s as simply and terrifying as that, and it is realised perfectly in ways that will leave you gasping in wonderment and awe, and gripping your armrest like your life depends on it.



In the latest Notes on a Scene from Vanity Fair, actor/director John Krasinki talks about a particular pivotal scene in the film that, possibly more than any other, goes to the heart of what makes A Quiet Place, such a compelling, meaningful and affecting experience.

“To me the theme of family and what would you really do for your kids is the reason why I did the movie. …this is one of my favorite scenes because it’s a movie about a family that needs to remain quiet. This is such a perfect atmosphere and one of the best scenes to tell the rules of how to remain quiet and what happens if you don’t.”

(source: Laughing Squid)

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