Oh my you’re cinematically naked! What movies look like without special effects

(image via YouTube)


CGI is in! It’s in BIG in movies and if you’ve seen any blockbusters lately, and if not, why not, there are some damn good ones out there, you will have seen all kinds of gloriously-created worlds (think A Wrinkle in Time), augmented characters (War For the Planet of the Apes) and things far outside our own reality.

It’s amazing what it can do but what it turns out is almost as much fun, as video essay from Looper attests, is what movies reliant on CGI look like before all the special effects bells-and-whistles are added.

Referring to CGI as “digital make-up”, the video beautifully illustrates how films like the Harry Potter franchise, The Life of Pi and Beauty and the Beast, and TV shows like Game of Thrones which employ amazing effects to bring Daenerys’ dragons to fantastical life.

It will make look at these movies in a whole new light or atop realistic water or from atop a careening dragon …

(source: Laughing Squid)



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