Psst! Here’s the the real deal on Santa’s Secret Stories

(image via YouTube (c) Glove and Boots)
(image via YouTube (c) Glove and Boots)


Oh my but does Santa have secrets!

I mean it stands to reason right? He lives in hiding up on the North Pole, spends his time with reindeer and elves, neither of whom are exactly the stuff of everyday life – unless you’re a reindeer herder in which case that observation falls on its eggnog-addled face – and only appears to deliver presents one night a year when no one but the freaked-out family dog sees him.

So yeah … SECRETS … and LOTS of them … just how many though becomes apparent when you watch this hilarious series from Glove and Boots, which debuted Christmas in the week leading up to Christmas, with all kinds of never-before-heard stories about Santa and his many, under-the-radar adventures.

It may sound like a cosy fireside chat but trust me it’s way, way more and will have you laughing like crazy.

And yes wondering just who it is we’re letting into our homes.

Just kidding Santa, you’re the best! Now can I please have my presents?





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