Prance around with John Mayer’s clip for new single “Paper Doll”

John Mayer, artwork for his “Born and Raised” World Tour 2013 (image via


I don’t usually devote an entire post to just one music clip but as soon as I saw the video for John Mayer’s new single “Paper Doll” – which some sites such as Spin are speculating could be his response to two songs by ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift’s songs “22” and  “Dear John”, widely viewed as dissections of her failed relationship with Mr Mayer – the lead single from his upcoming album, Paradise Valley (no confirmed release date), I knew I had to give it some prominence.

And that’s not just because it is a beautiful, of lyrically heavy, song of lost love, “built around a lilting, circuitous guitar lick” ( and a worthy addition to John Mayer’s impressive musical canon.

No, it’s because he has joined together with YouTube sensation, Joanna Rohrback, who for better or worse – I can help suspecting the latter but the alleged exercise regime is at heart harmless goofy fun that may kind of sort of possibly get you fit maybe – has brought the world Prancercise, “a springy, rhythmic way of moving forward,similar to a horse’s gait and ideally induced by elation” (source:


Joanna Rohrback in action (image via


Ms Rohrback has come up with what she calls a “prance to romance to” and while I can’t see it taking off in a big way come Valentine’s Day, it actually works beautifully with “Paper Doll”, much to my surprise.

It’s a clever move by John Mayer who while still popular, is not exactly at the centre at the swirling centre of the zeitgeist anymore (while by some miracle Prancercise is).

Well until today when this sweet clip, paired with a song of heartbreak and regret, hit the internet.

Watch, enjoy, be moved – emotionally, and who knows physically too if you’re so inspired – and don’t be surprised if you shed a calorie or two …



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