Rick and Morty get their anime on with this brilliantly-reimagined opening sequence

(image via YouTube (c) Malec)


Suffused with a wildly-extravagant, boundless imagination, an irreverent sensibility courtesy of creators and sustainers Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon and a willingness to GO THERE, Rick and Morty is one animated series not limited by an unwillingness to try anything once.

So I’d like think that Messrs Harmon and Roiland would love the efforts of cartoonist Malec, from French company Turbo Interactive, who has, in the words of brilliantly–curatorial Laughing Squid, “brilliantly re-imagined the opening title sequence from the sublime animated series Rick and Morty as a gorgeously lush anime short complete with Japanese subtitles.”

It is utterly, immersively brilliant, a thoroughly original take on the anarchically frenetic opening credits which look wholly Japanese and yet abundantly true to the spirit and look of the original artwork.

So good is it that you must heed the words of Malec and share it with everyone! (See the pinned tweet.)


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