Season 4 of “Miranda”? Such fun but a long way off alas

Miranda Hart, star of “Miranda” and comedienne extraordinaire (image via


According to the good people at digital, Miranda Hart, start of the hit British sitcom Miranda, and recently voted as the number choice should Steve Moffatt decide the new Doctor Who should be a woman, is one very busy lady.

So busy in fact that season 4 of the show may be a way off in the distance, pushed to what I like to call the “back burner” – no Andrew everyone calls it the “back burner” by a stand up comedy tour and undefined film projects.

Fresh off airing season 3 of the much-loved show, which made the move from BBC2 to the flagship channel BBC1 where it proved to be every bit as popular as the preceding two seasons, Miranda Hart is riding high and pretty much able to turn her attention to whatever she fancies doing.

Such as say perhaps more hiking around Switzerland with hunky outdoors survivalist Bear Grylls?



Whatever she has in mind, and it will no doubt be full of her self-depracatingly down to earth humour, she indicated to the BBC that an air date for Miranda season 4 can’t be committed to at this stage. quoted BBC executive Shane Allen admitting as much at a recent Broadcasting Press Guild lunch in the UK:

“She is doing a live tour and then has film plans. The fourth series will probably be a long way off.”

On one hand I am projecting a sad face emoticon since the madcap, delightfully unhinged universe that Miranda inhabits is somewhere I can quite happily spend extend periods of time.

But on the other forward looking hand – no I have no idea how you’d embed an eye into a hand; best to stop pondering too deeply and just accepted my twisted metaphoric phrase – she is such a funny, talented lady that any projects she turns her hand too is bound to be just as good as the series.

So while I won’t be holding my breath waiting for season 4 – blue is such an unattractive colour on me – I will be bearing with … bearing with … bearing with … Miranda Hart, hopeful she and her wonderfully loopy cast mates will return to our screens sooner rather than later.


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