Shhh! Be vewy, vewy qwiet … Neil Patrick Harris has made a silent movie

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Is there nothing that Neil Patrick Harris can’t do and do spectacularly well?

I say no! My proof?

He hosts the Tonys, performs magic like a pro, is a star on How I Met Your Mother, has two of the most adorable children with his partner, David Burtka … and is down to earth, funny and great on Ellen!

And now, NOW, he has made a silent short movie, posted on, announced via Twitter:

“I’m channeling my inner Buster Keaton in a new @FunnyOrDie video exclusive”

Picture of Love, as it’s titled, is funny, poignant and touching and the most wonderful homage to two silent greats, Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton (who apparently never smiled in his films, something I failed to notice sadly), that I have seen in many a long day., who brought the film to my attention, describe it perfectly:

“The film shows a mostly sad-faced Harris sitting alone at a table. In order to get some company, he places the photo of a woman — apparently beloved — on the table as well. Alas, it’s not enough for the flesh-and-blood man.

“There is, fortunately, a solution. Harris grabs another photo, this one of himself, and sets it up on the table next to the first. Happy at last, the hero can walk away.”

It’s a beautiful tribute to the power of love and yet more evidence that Neil Patrick Harris or NPH is THE renaissance man of our time.

Your arguments to the contrary thus are not valid.



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