Shows we’d love to see #423: The Walking Dead holiday variety show!

Oh that Rick Grimes! He's so funny ... well he could given the right circumstances (image via YouTube (c) AMC/NBC)
Oh that Rick Grimes! He’s so funny … well he could given the right circumstances (image via YouTube (c) AMC/NBC)


Hurrah! The undead just got a little festive.

Now before you imagine zombies with party hats and bonbons, carousing with wine and human flesh mince pies, consider what might happen if The Walking Dead put on its very own 1978 Star Wars Holiday Special show, one complete with appearances by Coldplay, Jeff Goldblum, superfan Yvette Nicole Brown, and Merle’s hand more droid-like that C-3PO spare parts cupboard.

Imagined that OK? Now watch the video, which was put together for Red Nose Day and features Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Norman Reedus (Daryl) contemplating what a bright, sparkling The Walking Dead variety show might look like.

It would feature some kickass Robot Chicken stop motion animation for starters, Dax Shepard and Chris Hardwick (The Talking Dead) fighting over who will be Han Solo and Melissa McBride (who is the queen of tearful 16 minute drum solos), Josh McDermitt, Steven Yeun (with his ventriloquist dummy Edmund Rottington III), Christian Serratos, Ross Marquand as Columbo, David Morrissey (getting his Elvis on) and an all-dancing Sonequa Martin-Green (complete with the high-impact, lowkey charitable boogie down dancers).

Alas Lincoln and Reedus decide at the end that The Walking Dead Red Nose Day Special is not a going concern, a pity since zombies need to sing and dance and trade cheesy banter too and now “alas they shan’t”.

We can only dream of what an undead hour of comedy and singing would look like and if there’s enough fake blood and Yoda impressions to last the duration …

(source: c|net)


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