So little time, so much Star Wars … so Mashable gloriously compresses the saga into three minutes

Princess Leia and Darth Vader just hangin' on the Death Star ... you know, as you do (image via and (c) Mashable)
Princess Leia and Darth Vader just hangin’ on the Death Star … you know, as you do (image via and (c) Mashable)


Star Wars is, let’s face it, the granddaddy of all iconic science fiction tales, a “genre defining classic” in the words of Mashable, that must be watched as often as is humanly possible.

The only trouble is we’re all so busy these days what with the new Golden Age of TV, that pile of 100 books on the nightstand (that may topple over and crush you one day whereupon your cat will start nibbling on your face and … moving on), new movies without mention, that Games of Thrones marathon your friend is always talking about, and the extended 100 hour DVD boxset of Lord of the Rings to be viewed … wait where was I? … that finding the time to watch the entire original trilogy (now episodes 4, 5 and 6) becomes almost an impossibility.

Enter the good, the creative, and enormously funny team at Mashable who have helpfully compressed all three movies into three beautifully drawn, artfully abridged minutes and even added some hilarious and immensely insightful commentary about worm doors on the Death Stars (hint: you need lots of hinges and time), Boba Fett and the need for constant jet pack maintenance, and Lando Calrissian’s unsung role as the true hero of the saga.

It’s quick, it’s fun and after watching it, you’ll be able to hold your head high at every last “con” you visit this year, even the ones in a galaxy far, far away …

(Thought: if you were to travel to this galaxy far, far away, you’d probably have time to watch all the Star Wars movies in full. Just sayin’ …)


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