Star Wars and John Boyega: Animated video delightfully shows how the two came together

(image via IMP Awards)


Courtesy of BBC Two’s Black Hollywood, this short clip pairs John Boyega’s incredibly charming story about being cast in The Force Awakens with equally charming animation, making the story pop. See how Boyega became Finn, a fun little story that involves some white lies, an expensive cab ride, and… activating a lightsaber in a restaurant? OK, that part probably didn’t happen. (synopsis (c) Gizmodo)

Getting cast in a Star Wars film is a big deal, a huge deal in fact, and you can well understand why the likes of British actor John Boyega, who starred in both The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi as reformed First Order stormtrooper Finn see it as a life-changed experience.

But how did it all come about and how amazing is it to be told you’re the new star of Star Wars? What does that do your mind, your life, your sense of where things are headed?

Well, thanks to this absolutely charming video, which features J. J. Abrams, the director and Boyega getting ever more Star Wars-ian as the conversation goes on, we get an absolutely charming and honest account of the moment where everything changed and Boyega became an integral part of one of the franchises near and dear to my heart.

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