Stuck for an answer? You should Ask a Cat

(image (c) Charles Brubaker)


As a cat person of longstanding, I am firmly of the opinion that cats are the font of all wisdom and sociability. (Contrary to popular opinion, cats, well at least the cats I’ve owned, have been quite happy to spend quality time with their favourite feeders, I mean humans).

Charles Brubaker, who has been drawing the adorable, insightful web comic Ask a Cat since 2015, is clearly of the same mind, his strips beautifully conveying how cats, and yes dogs (he is happy to let them share the pet-oriented limelight at times), enrich our lives in all kinds of ways.

Using a Q & A advice column format, where a curious person writes in and the cat answers in an appealingly humourous way, Ask a Cat covers everything we love about cats – their aloofness, their evening crazies which stop as suddenly as they start, their propensity to lie across the very thing you need to watch/read/use, and most importantly, their willingness to snuggle up to you and make everything seem a whole lot better.

So popular are Ask a Cat‘s gently hilarious musings that it’s now gone from digital to good old analogue print, where it will no doubt continue to delight cat lovers and maybe even convert some dog lovers over to the idea that some purring and paw-kneading are just what the relaxation doctor ordered.

(source: Bleeding Cool)


(comic (c) Charles Brubaker / GoComics)


(comic (c) Charles Brubaker / GoComics)


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