The quirky delights and perils of releasing your inner (video) “Goddess”

Release your inner video-blogging Goddess!

Go on, you know you want to …

Or do you?

In the new Australian movie, Goddess, directed by Mark Lamprell and based on the play Sinksongs by Joanna Weinberg, Elspeth Dickens (Laura Michelle Kelly) is fairly certain she lost her goddess a long time ago, somewhere around the time her globe-trotting workaholic whale-saving husband James (Ronan Keating in his debut acting role) began leaving her alone for great stretches of time with their badly-behaved twin boys in an isolated farmhouse out in the middle of Tasmania.


Ronan Keating stars as James in the new Australian movie “Goddess” alongside Laura Michelle Kelly and Magda Szubanski (image via


Beleaguered and at her wit’s end, she discovers that the webcam James left for her to communicate with him while he’s away, which he almost always forgets to activate at his end, can be used to broadcast to anyone who wants to watch …

… and without meaning to she becomes a video blogging sensation, attracting a legion of followers around the world, the attention of a corporate bigwig (played by the supremely-talented comic legend Magda Szubanski) and the chance to leave all the loneliness and lack of fulfilment far behind her.

But of course, like all good things, this chance to re-invent herself and unleash her inner goddess inevitably clashes with responsibilities as a wife and mother and she comes close to losing it all and must make a choice about what matters most to her.

It looks like an extremely funny, heartwarming romantic comedy, with just the right amount of down-to-earth Aussie charm and I can’t wait to see where it leads come March 14 when it releases in cinemas across Australia.



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